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Mobile Banner Ad by Tiffany on NY Times iPhone App


Valentines day was only a few days away and when I saw this ad by Tiffany. It was timely and relevant, which made me wonder how much of it was coincidence vs. intelligent targeting. See screenshots below for the user flow.









A few things to note:

  • On tap event, it brought up an in-app browser which showed a mobile optimized shopping site keeping the user in the context.
  • They really thought it through and had a free shipping option that looked like a special promotion made available for the valentines day.
  • It was not that hard to complete the check out flow.

No. I did not buy any jewelry that day.

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What’s a Business Strategy?

I’ve been studying and researching on the topic of brand and brand marketing, and while looking up more info on the author of the book I recently picked up, I came across this interesting blog article that showed a simple depiction of how ‘purpose’, ‘mission’, ‘vision’, and ‘goals’ align to form a pyramid.

The original article is here:

In the comments section, you will find people asking where the strategy sits and the author’s response is that the pyramid shows the ‘what’ and the strategy is the ‘how’.

I think this is a good thought starter.

  • How do you define ‘Strategy’? What’s your one sentence definition of ‘Strategy’?
  • What do we mean when we say a business organization is ‘weak on strategy’?
  • How can one become stronger in strategic thinking?
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Mobile UI Design Trend – Use of Drag Gesture

These are the screenshots of the latest Pandora iPhone app. In the latest release, it introduced a draggable area on the bottom bar. When you drag it up, it exposes the sound volume control.

I think iOS has first introduced this draggable bar concept in a couple of places.

Shown in the above is the lock screen; when you drag the camera icon up, you get straight into the camera app without having to enter your passcode, which is really handy when you are trying to snap a photo of a precious moment.

Another place I’ve seen this drag gesture is on the notification center.

I think the draggable bar UI metaphor is intuitive, and it is easier to use than the tap gesture. Whenever you are designing a mobile user interface where something slides in and out, you should consider using this metaphor.